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Florence Opera

The Florence Opera master class will be held in Prato at the Santa Chiara Church Concert Hall and will  last five days. The course is open to vocal categories of both students and auditors.
The master class is focused on vocal technique and interpretation.
The first day of auditions will be carried out to understand the vocality and study levels of each student. Students will have to indicate the aria that will execute.
In the application form student will be required to include a complete curriculum vitae with a photo and also an audio or video recordings. Students must also interpret the Italian opera repertoire in Its original language, Italian.
The audio and video recordings must be attached in an e-mail and send to
All foreign participants must be provided with all the necessary legislative documents valid for the Italian state, including health care valid for our EU State.
After receiving the application form from students an e-mail will be sent to each participant, with the detail of the schedule course.
The final concert will present the effective students. It will take place in the Concert Hall of the Santa Chiara Church in Florence, during hours witch be confirmed at a later date. It’s therefore required that all students show up with suitable clothes for the Opera Concert .
At the end of the course all the participants will receive a certificate  of participation in the Florence Opera Master Class.
The organization will take care of advertising and media.

ps. The course will enrol a minimum of five students.
Enrol end: 12/27/2023

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